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Between distant lands and times we are pleased to present Cleopatra & Antonio, a phygital format for a bilateral experience that has the desire to build a bridge between cultures and heritages, both ancient and present.


Halfway between Milan and Cairo has slowly taken shape a story of innovation and memories, materials and colors, sustainability and new technologies, a hybrid tale that celebrates creativity and wants to push the boundaries of imagination.

During the days of Milan Design Week 2023 - April 17 to 30 - within the exclusive location of the Salotto di Milano, you are invited to get to know and experience spaces suspended between Italy and Egypt, places that serve as the backdrop for the modern reinterpretation of one of the most famous couples in ancient history.

From the exploration of traditional cultural heritage to the virtual interaction enabled by modern technologies, from the discovery of the greatest design innovations to the access to curiosities belonging to the ancient lifestyle, Cleopatra and Antonio will guide you through the rooms of their Milanese apartament, symbolically uniting the two shores of the Mediterranean Sea in a bi-cultural marriage of knowledge, traditions, lifestyles and habits.


Il Salotto di Milano
Corso Venezia 7

Il Salotto di Milano is an oasis of elegance in the hectic heart of Milan, located on the third floor of Casa Barelli, Corso Venezia 7.


Known as a hub of excellence and luxury, the place acts as the bearer of a narrative straddling art and décor, fashion and beauty, passing through the innovations of hi-tech and the conviviality of the food&drink sector. In collaboration with national and Egyptian entities, the place takes on the appearance of the famous couple's apartment, whose legacies of their origins still remain present. The Salotto, once upon a time, was the place where elites met for dialogue, common experiences, and confrontation with the New: the soul of this precious concept of excellence now finds itself projected into the third millennium.


Il Salotto di Milano is a multisensory space built to bring to the world the best of Italian savoir-faire, luxury built on the authentic value of Made in Italy. Now, thanks to the collaboration with Egyptian realities, it becomes a theater of experience and bi-cultural storytelling, recounting a story of beauty and emotions.

Corso Venezia, 7, 20121 Milano MI
Phone: +39 0276317715 
Virtual Experience

Who wants to travel back to the time of the pyramids and the Roman Empire?

Real and virtual blend to create an unforgettable and timeless interactive experience.


Through the most advanced immersive virtual reality techniques, the ancient lifestyle of Cleopatra and Antony will be presented in both cultural and entertainment terms. In a context where today's rituals bear witness to those of yesteryear, the couple's living places within the Metaverse have been virtuously recreated to relive and share them in an innovative and realistic way.

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