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Cairo-Milano Bilateral Platform

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Cleopatra & Antonio is an event intended for B2business, B2professional, B2consumer, B2media, and - more generally - an institutional audience interested in the cross-sectoral product areas of tourism and lifestyle.

The idea of the bi-lateral platform follows the historic goal of Cleopatra and Antonio to create one large kingdom formed by the countries bordering the Meditteranean Sea.


Likewise, the platform stems from the desire to unite two powerful countries Italy and Egypt to create new mutual opportunities within different fields of action. The union between Milan and Cairo ensures the expansion of Italian-Egyptian knowledge, fostering more and more innovation inherited from these two historical countries. In addition to the idea of being able to exchange valuable initiatives and opportunities, horizons are opened to new businesses, new markets and new cultures.



The Story of Cleopatra and Antonio

As any other love story, even the one between the last heir of the Ptolemaic dynasty and the daring Roman leader began with an encounter. The one - esteemed for his courage and charm - and the other - revered for her ambition and wit - met in Egypt, in 40 B.C., when Antonio was sent to oversee the empire, determined to shift the center of gravity of Roman possessions eastward. From that meeting blossomed a passionate love affair that would shake the foundations of Rome and eventually lead to their downfall. Cleopatra and Antonio were two of the most powerful leaders of their time, both renowned for their shrewd political maneuvering and military might.

But beyond all this and historical and political events, their union represents – almost anachronistically – a challenge to cultural boundaries that was destined to change the course of history forever.


Through their relationship, Antonio gained the wealth he so longed for, and Cleopatra found a companion who could understand her and give her the respect she deserved. Together they lived an opulent and extravagant life, hosting banquets and shows.They may not have been born together in ancient Egypt, but with some adjustments to their lifestyle, they were able to embody a true example of modern love.

In short, the love story between Cleopatra and Antonio is one of the most iconic that has come down to the present day and continues to revive their timeless bond for new generations. In contrast to the tragic connotation recounted by the most faithful depictions, the lovers represent a powerful duo that could have changed the world, two people from different places who, defying conventions created together something extraordinary: an example of complicity, esteem and unconditional love destined to endure into the 21st century. The two – in addition to passion – shared the common goal of a far-reaching political project: the creation of a kingdom that would encompass the Mediterranean and the East and that in this area would have one of its nerve centers. Even now, the cooperation between the Mediterranean countries can open a new era. And just in the present day – at FuoriSalone 2023 – the couple becomes the beginning point to narrate an interweaving of near and far ways of living and inhabiting everyday spaces.

In the modern world, Cleopatra and Antonio remain a powerful couple that is often talked about. If Cleopatra and Antonio were living today what would their lifestyle be? Where would they live? What would the fusion of two cultures - Italian and Egyptian - extremely ancient and powerful look like? What would their rituals and traditions resemble today? An Italian-Egyptian team of communication, events, design, architecture and lifestyle professionals created the Milan apartment where Cleopatra and Antonio live together with their children, Leo and Raya. Are you curious to discover the events and curiosities of this hypothetical situation?


Cleopatra always guided by her intellectual charm and Egyptian origins - is a powerful, charismatic, seductive and elegant woman.

She has demonstrated her quick wit and passion for modern times by becoming CEO of an international renewable energy research and development company. The prestigious role helps her inspire loyalty in the people around her and strategically navigate even the most complex challenges. Her collaborative geopolitical vision meshes well with the Milanese lifestyle, which allows her to keep her goals in mind.

Antonio witnessing the evolution of classical culture and characterized by an immense sense of duty and organization – is a financial investor for small start-ups and is in a high-level managerial position. He feels at home in the Lombard capital, where his innovative and entrepreneurial spirit is fully satisfied.

Raya is the eldest and is 17 years old: in addition to her love for sports and exercise, her greatest passion is for nature, an aspect she manifests in caring for the environment. Dynamic and outgoing, she has inherited her mother's tenacity and determination.


Leo, on the other hand, - 12 year old - is more thoughtful and introverted and - just like his dad - has a more technical and pragmatic spirit. Despite the divergence between the two spheres, he is passionate about art and technology, particularly video games.

Their downtown apartment is their love nest, the place where they spend a lot of time together, devoting themselves to their children and their private lives.

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