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Cairo Milano Bilateral Platform

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Cairo Milan Bilateral Platform was born from the desire to unite two powerful countries Italy and Egypt to create new and valuable mutual opportunities. The connection between Milan and Cairo ensures the expansion of knowledge and increasing innovation inherited from the two historical countries, opening horizons for new businesses, new markets and new cultures.


The event intended for B2business, B2professional, B2consumer, B2media, and an institutional audience interested in the cross-sectoral product areas of tourism and lifestyle.


The Story of Cleopatra and Antonio

The love story between Cleopatra and Antonio began with an encounter...

If Cleopatra and Antony were living today what would their lifestyle look like? What would the fusion of two extremely ancient and powerful cultures look like? An Italian-Egyptian team of communications, events, design, architecture and lifestyle professionals created the Milanese apartment where Cleopatra and Antony live together with their children. Are you curious to discover the events and curiosities of this hypothetical situation?


Cleopatra always guided by her intellectual charm and Egyptian origins - is a powerful, charismatic, seductive and elegant woman.

She has demonstrated her quick wit and passion for modern times by becoming CEO of an international renewable energy research and development company. The prestigious role helps her inspire loyalty in the people around her and strategically navigate even the most complex challenges. Her collaborative geopolitical vision meshes well with the Milanese lifestyle, which allows her to keep her goals in mind.

Antonio witnessing the evolution of classical culture and characterized by an immense sense of duty and organization – is a financial investor for small start-ups and is in a high-level managerial position. He feels at home in the Lombard capital, where his innovative and entrepreneurial spirit is fully satisfied.

Raya is the eldest and is 17 years old: in addition to her love for sports and exercise, her greatest passion is for nature, an aspect she manifests in caring for the environment. Dynamic and outgoing, she has inherited her mother's tenacity and determination.


Leo, on the other hand, - 12 year old - is more thoughtful and introverted and - just like his dad - has a more technical and pragmatic spirit. Despite the divergence between the two spheres, he is passionate about art and technology, particularly video games.

Their downtown apartment is their love nest, the place where they spend a lot of time together, devoting themselves to their children and their private lives.


17 - 30 April 2023 
Milan Design Week

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Between distant lands and times, we are pleased to present Cleopatra & Antonio, a phygital event format that builds a bridge between cultures and heritages, both ancient and present.

From cultural exploration to virtual interaction, innovations in design and living, Cleopatra and Antonio will take you through the rooms of their Milanese home, presenting you their contemporary lifestyle.

Il Salotto di Milano
Corso Venezia 7

Halfway between Milan and Cairo, a hybrid narrative has taken shape, celebrating creativity and cultures by pushing the boundaries of imagination. During the days of Milan Design Week 2023 - April 17-30 - you are invited to the Salotto di Milano to learn about spaces suspended between Italy and Egypt, places that serve as the backdrop for a modern reinterpretation of one of the most famous couples in ancient history.


From cultural exploration to virtual interaction, innovations in design and living, Cleopatra and Antonio will take you through the rooms of their Milanese home, presenting you their contemporary lifestyle.

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Il Salotto di Milano
Corso Venezia 7

Il Salotto di Milano - at Corso Venezia 7 - is known as a hub of excellence and luxury, aspects that are expressed through art and design, design, fashion and beauty, passing through hi-tech and food&drink innovations. It is a multisensory space built to bring the best of Italian know-how to the world and now, thanks to the collaboration with Italian-Egyptian realities, it becomes a theater of experiences and a bi-cultural storytelling, narrating a story of beauty, emotions, traditions and cultures.

Corso Venezia, 7, 20121 Milano MI
Phone: +39 0276317715 
Virtual Experience

Who wants to travel back to the time of the pyramids and the Roman Empire?

Real and virtual blend to create an unforgettable and timeless interactive experience.


Through the most advanced immersive virtual reality techniques, the ancient lifestyle of Cleopatra and Antony will be presented in both cultural and entertainment terms. In a context where today's rituals bear witness to those of yesteryear, the couple's living places within the Metaverse have been virtuously recreated to relive and share them in an innovative and realistic way.

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